Extra 300-E
Introducing the Extra 300 Electric ARF from Extreme Flight RC!  The Extra 300 Electric ARF was designed to deliver maximum aerobatic performance from the current breed of brushless outrunner motors and high discharge LiPo batteries.  Completely unlimited in its ability to perform all the outrageous 3D maneuvers, the Extra 300 also performs precision aerobatics extremely well.  For all you serious IMAC guys, this means there is finally a plane available that you can practice your sequences with on your lunch break or on the way home from work at the local school yard. 

   The Extra has many unique features.  It has a 2 piece removable wing that mounts on a carbon fiber wing tube.  The canopy/hatch is one piece, ready to use out of the box.  It is retained by 4 rare earth magnets.  Access to the inside of the plane and battery tray is instantaneous.  Unique motor mount design allows for hassle free mounting of the Torque 2818/900 outrunner with proper thrust angles already built into the mount.  Two air scoops force cooling air over the motor and into the battery mounting area.  Best of all, the Extra can be ready to fly in as little as one evening!

   The Extra 300 Electric ARF is available in the RED/WHITE/BLACK scheme. It includes all hardware and a decal sheet.  For the ultimate in performance, reliability and convenience order the combo with our Torque series 2818T/900 brushless outrunner motor and Airboss 35Amp ESC.  This is the system we designed the Extra around and is used to power the Extra in the video on this page.  Just add 4 sub-micro servos (we highly recommend the Hitec HS-56 and new HS-65 for this model), a micro receiver, 3S1P 2100 mah LiPo battery and a prop and you have all you need for outrageous performance!  Complete packages are available.  Please call for details.

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Wingspan: 45 inches
Length: 42.5 inches
Wing Area: 400 sq. in.
Weight: 30-33 oz.
Power: Torque 2818/900 Outrunner
Radio: 5 channel w/ 4 sub-micro servos and ESC


Extra 300-E ARF only
$169.95 + shipping

Power Combo
Extra 300-E ARF
Torque 2818/900 brushless motor
Airboss 35 Sensorless ESC

$299.95 + Shipping

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