The Competition Rewards program will be continuing for 2013!

Extreme Flight R/C announces Competition Rewards Program

Extreme Flight RC owner Chris Hinson announced Monday April 20, 2009 the beginning of the new Competition Rewards program. As an incentive to get more pilots involved in IMAC and Freestyle competition flying, the Competition Rewards program will benefit pilots who make the effort to compete with their Extreme Flight RC aircraft.

For placing in one of the top three positions in his or her chosen class, the pilot will be rewarded with a $100 credit for first place, $75 credit for second place and $50 credit for third place toward the purchase of their next Extreme Flight airframe.
While your winnings do not expire. Multiple seasons winnings cannot be added together. ie: One seasons winnings goes towards one purchase.
Proof of placement must be provided by the pilot along with a photo of the pilot with his Extreme Flight airframe and trophy.
Pilots placing in the top position in 3 or more contests in a single season may be eligible to join Team Extreme and receive a sponsorship from Extreme Flight RC.
An Extreme Flight Airframe must be used in competition to qualify and the airframe must have been originally purchased from Extreme Flight R/C

aaaaaRegarding this new program, Chris Hinson said "Competition flying demands a lot of time and effort from the pilot including proper set-up and dialing in of the aircraft, countless hours of practice, travel to and from the events, time away from family and a lot of dedication. I wanted to do something to reward pilots who are willing to put forth the effort required to be successful in competition flying. It is my hope that this new program will offer some incentive to get more pilots involved in the competition scene. So download those sequences, buy a 5 gallon fuel jug and proceed to burn some fuel! Best of luck to you all and we'll look to see you on the podium!"
(Please note. The Competition Rewards Program is for USA based pilots only and only applies to airframes. Shipping charges not included.)


Great Job Mitch Johnson. Mitch has earned $175 towards an Extreme Flight Airframe! Keep up the great flying!

Congratulations to Wesley Ryman for earning $250 in Competition Rewards flying the 2M Vanquish.
Nice Job and keep it up!

Gaston Boissonneault from Canada has earned $75 towards his next airframe flying the
Extreme Flight 125" Extra. Congrats!

John Paul Takacs has been tearing up in the Northwest and has earned $675 towards his next
Extreme Flight airframe! Congrats!!

Wayne Dickey has earned $200 towards his next airframe flying IMAC in the Southwest. Great Job Wayne!

Connor Barnes has earned $525 in Rewards towards a new airframe competing in the Southeast region
of IMAC with his 104" Extra! Great Job

Brock Vaughn has racked up 5 wins over the year in pattern competition with his 78" Extra!
That is $500 towards his next airframe! Great job and congrats!!!!

Tristan Lobbezoo has earned a first, two seconds, and a third in IMAC Competitions! That is $300 towards his next airframe purchase! Great job and great flying!

Alan Wellentin has racked up another win with his 2m Vanquish! Great Job and keep up the great flying!

Alan Wellentin has been tearing up the Pattern Circuit in the Northwest. Winning four contests in Masters Class
with his Extreme Flight 2M Vanquish. Congrats and great flying

Justin Lloyd took a First and a Second in IMAC Freestyles earning $175 towards his next airframe purchase!

William Dickey has earned two First Place finishes in the Southwest Region flying his 104" Extra!
Congrats and that is $200 towards your next Extreme Flight airframe!

Earl Davis took a first place in Basic class in the North Central region's Columbus IMAC. That is $100 towards another Extreme Flight airframe! Congrats!


Patrick Boll earns $75 towrds a new Extreme Flight aircraft with a second place finish in the
2012 NE Regional IMAC championships. Congrats!

Wow!! Larry Ott has racked up $725 in Competition Rewards flying his 78" Extra in IMAC Competitions
and his 2M Vanquish in Pattern contests! Great Job Larry and Congrats!

Peter Vogel continues to rack up the Rewards bucks with his Extreme Flight 2M Vanquish.
With two more First places, Peter has earned $375 towards his next airframe!

Congrats to Martin Baumer for his 1st and 2nd place finishes in the NW Region this past year!
Martin has earned $175 towards his next airframe! Great Job!!!

Congrats to Adam Falk for his 3 Wins, a second, and two 3rds in the North Central Region of IMAC!
Adam is flying his DLE55 powered 88" Extra and has earned $475 in Rewards Credit!

Jon Parquette takes a win at the Columbus Aero IMAC in the North Central Region with his 78" Extra "E" Version
That's another $100 Credit for Jon! Great Job

Jeanette Hibpshman has racked up over $650 in Competiton Rewards with her 125" Extra! Great Job

Matt Carruthers with his 110" yak with a DA-100L on RE2 pipes. Shown with his trophies
from 2011 IMAC contests. Matt has earned over $500 in Competition Rewards!

Justin Sebastian takes 2nd at the SE Region Dan Myers IMAC Classic with his "E" Powered 78" Extra.
Justin has been racking up the rewards! The setup is E-Flight Power 160, Castle 120HV,
5300mah 10S Lipos, Savox 1267sg's all around.

Congrats to Peter Vogel for bringing home a First and a Second place in NSRCA Competitions
with his 2M Vanquish!
That's $175 towards Peter's next airframe!

Gray Valenzuela has added two more Firsts, and a second place to his tally! Congrats and great flying!

Congratulations to Gary Valenzuela for finishing First in the RCMB IMAC event in the North East Region.
Gary has earned $100 towards his next Extreme Flight airframe!

Tim Cooper with his 2011 Winnings! Tim has 4 second place finishes and
2 first place finishes in IMAC Intermediate Class with his 125" Extreme Flight Extra.
Tim finished Second in the Regional Points standing for the North West! Great Job!

"Chris, I received my 110” YAK in late 2009 and set it up to fly IMAC competition for 2010.
Below is a listing of how the plane performed in IMAC competitions for 2010:
7 Southeast Region Senior 1st Places
5 Southeast Region Sportsman 1st Places, 1 Southeast Region Sportsman 3rd Place,
Southeast Regional Championship IMAC Sportsman 1st Place,
Southeast Regional Championship IMAC Senior 1st Place
Southeast Regional Championship Sportsman 2010 Points Winner,
Southeast Regional Championship Senior 2010 Points Winner
Before I got this plane I had never won a contest.
Boy I really Love this plane…. Charles T. Youngblood"

Congratulations to Nick Harwood for finishing 3rd in the Tucson 2012 IMAC with his Extreme Flight 110" Yak!

Congrats to Patrick Boll for taken First Place in Basic class at the NE IMAC Regional Championships.
Patrick is flying the Extreme Flight R/C 88" Edge 540. That's $100 for Patrick!

Jeanette Hibpshman, known online as "whirly girl" has been tearing it up in IMAC Basic class
with her new 125" Extra. Jeanette has three wins so far in her class in the South East region earning $300!
Keep an eye out for this talented pilot!

Curtis Cozier collects a First place trophy in Camden, SC. .
Curtis flew his 125" Extreme Flight Extra 300 to the win in IMAC Advanced class.

Justin Sebastian takes firsts at Fayetteville and Lexington IMAC Contests ins the SE Region.
Congrats Justin and We hope he enjoys his new MXS-EXP!

Tim Cooper in the Northwest Region is racking up the Rewards points with his new 125" Extra!

Congrats to Ken Simmons for his 2nd Place finish in the Twin Falls NW Region IMAC Contest.
Flying the 58" Extra! That's $75 credit for Ken

Congrats to Jason Rendel. He writes, "This was my first year flying IMAC using your new
78" Extra on a DLE 30. I was flying in basic and managed to make 4 competitions
and placed top 3 in 3 of them."
Great job and that is $225 towards Jason's next Extreme Flight Airframe!

Tim Cooper has been busy on the IMAC trail in the North West Region.
Tim has already earned $225 towards his next Extreme Flight airframe! Great Job, Tim!

Michael Holman took 1st Place in Basic Class at the Pacific Coast Freestyle/IMAC Championship
in Mollala OR with his 88" Extra 300. Michael has earned $100 towards his next Extreme Flight Airframe!

Mike Davis sends us this: "I've been flying IMAC for about 8 years now, and while
I consistently came in 2nd or 3rd in my class (intermediate), I have never brought home first place...
until my first IMAC competition flying my Extreme Flight Yak! Last weekend was the
first IMAC event of the season in Alaska, the Black Jack IMAC,
sponsored by the ARCS club near Wasilla, Alaska. I had only flown the routine about 4 times,
but the Yak flies so well, I still walked away with 1st place!" Congrats, Mike has earned $100
towards his next Extreme Flight purchase!

Ryan Clark wins the AMA/IMAC National Championships in Muncie, IN,
Flying the Extreme Flight R/C 110" Yak.
Ryan is a current member of Team Extreme and we couldn't be more proud

Riley Kissenberth wins the AMA/IMAC National Championships(The Nats) in Muncie, IN
flying an Extreme Flight 110" Yak. Riley also won the Bennett Cup
for the highest overall score of ANY pilot in The Nats!

Tim Cooper of the Northwest Region for IMAC is tearing it up with his 110" Yak 54.
Tim has 3 firsts and a 3rd in Sportsman class earning him $350 towards his next Extreme Flight Airframe.

Phil Stang fromm the NE IMAC region as 2 firsts and a 2nd in Basic class.
Phil is racking up the Reward dollars!

Jim Daly takes a 2nd in IMAC Sportsman class in the Northern Ontario IMAC Challenge!
That's $75 towards an Extreme Flight Airframe.

Blake Ziemba scores a 2nd place at the Great Lakes IMAC Challenge in the NC region.
That's $75 towards the next Extreme Flight airframe!

Marcio Jorge takes the win in Sportsman class at the Georgia Heatwave IMAC.
Congrats Marcio, you've earned $100 towards your next Extreme Flight Airframe

Blake Ziemba takes 3rd in Basic Class at the Fox Valley IMAC in the North Central Region!
Blake earns $50 towards his next Extreme Flight airframe!

Ric Mussleman finished out the North Central IMAC season with a 2nd at the Regional finals.
That is another $75 for Ric! Congrats on a Great year!

Ric Musselman is breaking the Competition Rewards bank!
Ric brought home a 2nd place in the Cincinnatti IMAC in the North central Region!
Keep up the great flying Ric! That's another $75 in Competition Rewards!

Ric Musselman does it again! Ric breings home the Victory at the
North Central region Lexington IMAC contest in Sportsman class.
Thats another $100 towards a new Extreme Flight airframe! CONGRATS!

Ric Musselman scores a 2nd in the North Central Region at the Clinton, IN IMAC
and a 3rd at Springfield in Sportsman class with the 110" Extreme Flight Yak.
Thats $125 towards his next airframe from Extreme Flight!! Congrats!

Josh Matthews of Greensboro, NC with his 110" Yak and 2 First Place trophies
from the SE Region Charlotte IMAC and Fayetteville IMAC.
Josh is flying in Basic class and has earned $200 towards an Extreme Flight Airframe!


Parker Gilbert has been burning up the SE IMAC circuit with his DA-50 powered 88 inch Extra 300.
This picture is from the North Georgia IMAC contest held over the weekend of June 5-7, 2009.
Parker finished in 2nd place in Sportsman class and earned $75
toward the purchase of his next Extreme Flight aircraft

Al Torres takes a 2nd in Basic at the Mid Michigan IMAC event in Jackson,MI on June 6-7, 2009.
Al has earned himself $75 towards the purchase of this next Extreme Flight aircraft.

Bob Foran takes 3rd place in Basic class that the Mid-Michigan IMAC Contest on June 6-7, 2009
Bob has earned himself $50 towards his next Extreme Flight Aircraft!

Al Torres Nets himself a victory in Basic class at the Hamilton Hawks IMAC event
in the North Central Region.
Al has earned another $100 towards a future Extreme Flight Airframe


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